Push Text to iPhone

Just 1 click, quick & easy

★★★★★ Better, faster, easier than any other app - sgrrs ☺ Exactly what I have been looking for - Meowoooooo ★★★★★ Very easy to use! Beautiful UI and helpful! - Vie C ♥♥♥ Love this app - Chun Ling ★★★★★ Best app ever of this kind - Csany
Super Simple
Push with 1 click!
Super Fast
From PC to iPhone, in just a second! Receive the push notification immediately.
Super Smart
Various default actions: copy, open links, open maps, send SMS, and phone calls.
Easily push with Chrome / Safari extensions.
See How QPush Works!
  1. iPhone: Download QPush app.
  1. PC: Install Chrome / Safari extensions or use Web Push.
That's it!